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  • Pearl



    “There’s a malevolence festering inside of you.”

    Where does one begin with Pearl? It’s hard telling because of how unique this film is, it’s probably the most gorgeous horror film I’ve seen in a long while. Let me start by getting the crafts out of the way, to start Ti West has tighter handle this go around than he did on X, this is expertly paced with little to no unnecessary fat. There wasn’t a moment that I was bored…

  • Reservoir Dogs

    Reservoir Dogs


    it's the dialogue for me sis. I swear when the film started with a dissection of a Madonna song Like A Virgin and “madonna’s big dick in my ear” I was hooked. Not gon lie tho, thinking about it that song really is about big dicks. Ijs. Moving on, what ensues is a tense and uneasy post-botched bank robbery. All the action takes place in a warehouse and it’s all meticulously built to create a very anxious situation. What went…

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  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling

    “….It’s all about control!”

    2 stars for Florence Pugh, not this film. Like wtf was this bs? It had no tension, no mystery, and zero sex appeal although we get plenty of that. How does that happen? Hmm idk maybe put it in the hands of a director who so clearly had other things on her mind that directing an entertaining slice of cult/thriller. Every actor looked bored af to be in this and Harry Styles was an absolute fool,…

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


          “…Just fucking all these men……

    Hmmm what a confusing film. It’s equal parts captivating and frustrating with I believe a little too much on its mind. I believe the film took flight the moment Nicole Kidmans character Alice hits that joint and decides to have a tête-à-tête with her husband Tom Cruise’s character Bill about the boundless and opposing forces that are sex and desire, the two are seldom the same for either female or male. In this…

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  • Pinocchio



    First things first let me take you bandwagon hoes to task. Ya know I find it extremely amusing this film has a 2.1 not even a week after it was released. This tells me two things, a lot of you folks seem to be afraid to enjoy things and decide to instead shit on it because everyone else does and it’s the cool thing to do, secondly Pinocchio has never been one of Disney’s  more sacred classic animations. It’s seldom brought up…

  • Three Thousand Years of Longing

    Three Thousand Years of Longing


    “I want our solitudes to be together”

    God I loved this film so much. Ugh. You all remember as kids in school when they read to you a really good story and you got sucked in like a wondrous imagination vortex? I know for me stories are powerful tools and here we are told one that is so damned good. Just go ahead throw George Miller up there with my fave directors after this, I was enthralled from beginning to…