Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★

animation (mostly)

voice acting

some of the humour


development of the character of miles
still falls into most of the obnoxious trappings of the superhero genre

way too many jokes where someone does something and then references what just happened with a mixture of objective speculation and their own opinion i.e. self-referential jokes

it really depends on who is watching how bad this is but the animation definitely looks blurry in the action scenes

the villain is bad. like, really, really bad. he looks like violet from willy Wonka after she eats the gum. he looks like mr creosote. his proportions are so comically stupid it's hard to find him menacing at all. if the boss baby was the villain he would probably be more proportionate. he doesn't really do anything either except get beaten up at the end like we knew was going to happen. he even for some reason remembers his family dies in the middle of the climactic final battle for some reason to make it even more assured he could be caught.

weirdly there are a large number of huge underground contraptions which can somehow be built without the knowledge of, like, anyone. they're also almost certainly unviable to construct as well but whatever

we just gonna skip over how that particle accelerator came into existence?

so much lucky and/or unlikely shit happens to miles it turns into a kids cartoon at points

the action scenes can play honestly quite bad, especially the particle accelerator stuff. the final sequence was so suffocatingly violent in its hyper-induced animation it was hard to have any sense of what was going on. that's not to say there aren't good ideas in there, it just goes overboard in presentation

continuing that theme, they lean too heavy into the comic book style. i'm sorry but I think they did. seeing words like KAPOOOSH appear on the screen mid-fight is just kinda dumb. comic books have words like that because they have neither video nor sound. a movie has both, so they could have left that out, especially as i'm trying to figure out what else is going on in the action. I guess the spasmodic first minute should have been an indicator

a handful of characters are developed well. maybe half of the main cast. the other half are there to carry the plot and occasionally offer comic relief

some of the rap and hip hop is in places that jar and when the narrative calls for something perhaps more melancholic or just down-tempo


this is really a shame. spider man is my favourite superhero, and one of the few I actually like. I loved the ps4 game and I felt that captured the character in a way this film didn't for me.