Shutter Island ★★★★★

Not Scorcese's finest film, perhaps a little too formulaic as a psychological thriller, but I loved this film. A blend of noir and horror that has long been familiar, but has seldom been well executed, this film takes the tropes of the psychological-horror - the isolated island, crumbling mental institution, bleak coastline, dark wood, sinister doctor - and executed them in such a way that they were not only effectively rendered, but also refreshed with a new life, like old friends we haven't seen in a while. The complexity of DiCaprio's performance, again, while not his finest, has depth and dare I say originality, and he proves a more relatable seeker-hero than those who are simply rabbited by people emulating genre. Scorcese understands genre, and when he executes a genre film he deploys cliche, not because he feels he must, but with good reason. Familiar but deeply satisfying.