The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★★

An Enigma, But Endlessly Giving.

This to me is just pure cinema, and for me to even try articulate my thoughts and impressions of this would be doing it a disservice.

A film that feels confident in not defining itself to one role, seeming almost like a bunch of slightly connected vignettes and transversely as an ever changing fantasy quest. It will leave you pondering for weeks after watching, and will imprint images into your head that are just pure visual ecstasy. Andrew Droz Palermo needs major credit for his work on this.

I think everyone will come away with a different understanding of what the film is about and what it explores, and that will make it very divisive i’m sure. All I know is that i’m eager to watch it again.

This shows promise to be a very rewatchable film. David Lowery is an eternally interesting director.

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