From Beyond the Grave ★★★★½

Watched the recent Warner Archive bluray. Great transfer on this one. Had been a number of years since I last saw this one but its a great Amicus Anthology. The wraparound story has Peter Cushing owning an antique store. The characters come in and make a purchase. Usually trying to cheat him or outright stealing. Well most of them get theirs in their stories. You have great actors here like David Warner, Donald Pleasance, Ian Ogilvy, and Pleasance's daughter Angela Pleasance. My favorite story is the first one in which David Warner buys an old mirror. Inside the mirror, a ghost haunts it and forces Warner to kill people to feed him blood. Honestly all the stories are good in their own way. How the wraparound ends is great. Peter Cushing rocking it as always. May not be my favorite Amicus flick but its up there.