John Wick: Chapter 2 ★★★★★

The first John Wick blew me away. Was expecting a decent but generic action flick with Keanu and instead got one of the coolest and freshest action films I had seen in years. Up there with Dredd for me. Couldnt wait for the announced sequel. Would it fail to live up to the surprise that the first one was? I heard early reviews compare it to The Raid 2 as it opened up the world that was set up in the first Raid. Well in that way it compares to Raid 2 except one difference. This is 10 times more badass than The Raid 2....and I love Raid 2. So does it live up to the first one? You know people keep asking me that thinking it does! Ok that was a John Wick joke but yes, this movie is insanely great. Whereas the first one was a more personal revenge movie with a hint of a bigger world with the Continental Hotel and this legion of assassins...this one opens that world up and makes this sequel an Epic action flick. Keanu rules once again as Wick. He was born for this role. I dug the villains in this although I probably say I like the villain in the first film more. Im usually not the biggest Common fan but I loved his character and am hoping (and betting on) that he comes back for part 3. I mean theres gotta be a part 3. That ending is fucking awesome and it sets up what could be an incredible third chapter. The action and shoot outs are some of the best youll ever see. You know what I love about the shootouts in these Wick films? He fucking reloads! A lot. No infinite ammo. I would bet you could count each round he goes through and it would match the gun hes firing. Thats how much detail they put into this. I loved the secondary characters that pop up as well. I wish John Leguizamo would have more screen time but Ian McShane gets more thats alright by me. Laurence Fishburne has a small part and it was cool to see a Neo and Morpheus reunion. Franco Nero shows up. Ruby Rose plays a badass mute assassin. The movie honestly is just perfect. Its hard to say which Wick I like best. Its almost like choosing between Alien and Aliens. One is a smaller more intimate piece of greatness. The other is just a full on blast to your face. Either way they both are amazing action films and I cant wait to see this again. The most telling thing about a movie is when it has you still thinking about it 24 hours later. Now get your asses going on part 3!

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