Midnight Special ★★★★

I've become a big fan of Jeff Nichols after the incredible Take Shelter and the great Mud. So I was definitely excited for this, his new flick. It's another great one. Out of those 3 I'd say it's my least favorite but that's not saying much since they are all great. The story is a kind of a sci-fi chase film with Michael Shannon on the run with his son and his friend helping them played by Joel Edgerton who stole the movie for me. The son has some kind of powers. The audience is left more in the dark for most of the film as we don't exactly know what he is. We just know that there is a church/cult who is after the boy who believes he is their Savior. Also the FBI are on their trail too as the boy somehow knows top secret government info. Adam Driver plays a character who works for the NSA and I really enjoyed his part. Kirsten Dunst also comes into the story and she's great as well. The only thing I became frustrated with at times was that the audience is always a couple steps behind the characters in knowing what's going on. The way the characters talk sometimes feels like "ok they are being vague just to be vague".  But in the end you just need some patience and realize this isn't a movie that's gonna spell it all out for you. I thoroughly enjoyed this flick. Another hit for Nichols.

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