Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★

The latest Paul W. S. Anderson video game flick starring Milla Jovovich. I admittedly have love for the not very faithful Resident Evil film series. Ive never played Monster Hunter however so I have no clue how faithful it is or isnt. My guess is not very. Milla is a soldier and her team are out in the desert on a mission. They find themselves caught in some kid of storm that transports them to another world where many large monsters exist. Tony Jaa and Ron Perlman play 2 of the humans in this new world. The first act of this movie focuses on Milla and her army unit. The editing in this first section is atrocious. All over the place. Michael Bay editing on crack. A character could be leaning over to pick up something and there will be 7 cuts in that one act. This first 3rd I was just not into at all. I thought it was pretty bad. Luckily the middle of the movie switches gears and I started liking the movie more. The middle section focuses on 2 characters. Milla and Tony Jaa. They are what makes the movie entertaining. Great chemistry between them and the dynamic between their 2 characters are a lot of fun. The last 3rd of the film focuses on the big action set pieces. The monsters look cool. The FX are very well done. And of course in true Anderson fashion, the movie ends on a cliffhanger to welcome a new series of films. Who knows if this will happen now since the pandemic severely cut its profits short. This is what you expect. Its a turn off your brain and look at the pretty pictures type of movie. If it werent for Milla and Jaa, id be reviewing this lower. But they made this movie better than it should have been.