Possessor ★★★★

Son of David Cronenberg, Brandon Cronenberg directs this super violent Sci-Fi flick and it definitely feels like something his dad would have made in the past. Even a little more hard edged. He also made the fucked up Antiviral which I also dug. Our main character here is played by Andrea Riseborough as some kind of governmant assassin. Except she doesnt do the killing herself. This operation led by Jennifer Jason Leigh allows them to inhabit the mind of another person and then enact the hits. Usually ending with the body killing them self as our operative is pulled out of their mind. But the latest hit goes wrong and our main character finds herself trapped inside the mind of Christopher Abbott. His character is in for a ride as he has now killed multiple people and has this other person in his head. Its a wild ride. Also... cant state it enough. VIOLENT. VERY VERY VIOLENT. Probably the most graphically violent movie ive seen in a while. Definitely watch the Uncut version. I really dug this fresh and original flick. I will say I expected a little more meat to it. It feels very minimalist and artsy at times and when it was over I just felt like I expected more. That ending though.... OOF. Brutal. I think this one will grow on me even more with more viewings without expectations connected to it. If you want to check out an original and fucked up flick... check out what this Cronenberg has given us.

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