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  • Spider-Man: Homecoming

    Spider-Man: Homecoming


    No. Spider-meh.

    I am still in the minority in liking the Garfield Spidey best.

    Raimi is way overrated, but worthy of some respect. The MCU has brainwashed everyone. I wish I could finally say no to seeing the next MCU movie, but I'll be there at the next Thor movie to get a fix of Ruffalo Hulk. I'm sure I will be disappointed.

  • Cars 3

    Cars 3


    It's fine. Lots of car stuff. I was mostly onboard until the stupid flashbacks at the end. I hate when a director does not trust his/her audience. The trainer/mentor theme was telegraphed throughout. We got it. We did not need the precious flashbacks to remind us of something that we just watched half an hour ago. Don't treat my children like idiots, Pixar!!!! Rant over.

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