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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    watched the 3 hour directors cut

  • Ran



    Beautiful shots with a gripping and intense story. The big problem for europeans are the hard to remember names. On the other side Günther, Giovanni, Jacques, Alfonso or Gunnar would be innapropriate

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  • Parasite



    If you can see the sun reflecting on a blown away hair from a peach, then you know there is a cinematographer who mastered his art (or someone in the CGI-department ;-).

    Not my favorite of the directors films but still a masterpiece. Because of the lack of the fantastic it is more near the "surface" and less subtile than some of his other movies.

    Can't remember laughing loud on this high level of filmmaking like i did watching this movie.

  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man


    The action deserves 4+ stars, i have not seen something like it before. What i have not seen before, too is this weird mix of Telenovela Soap (including the optics) and action movie.

    Wilhelm Schmidt in einer Spezialfolge Sturm der Liebe mit Bike-Fu und Gatling Gewehr.