Johnny Guitar ★★★★

Johnnys Ranked:

1. Cash
2. Ringo
3. Utah
4. Quest
5. Rotten
6. Bench
7. Unitas
8. Carson
9. 5
10. Storm
11. Depp
12. Bravo
13. Knoxville
14. Mathis
15. Guitar
16. Appleseed
17. Mnemonic
18. Blaze
19. Cochrane
20. Cage
21. Galecki
22. Football

I put off watching this movie for a long time because it has such a dumb title. And honestly, Johnny Guitar the character is pretty lame. But Vienna, the real star of the film, is a bold, brassy, and extremely memorable character. Emma Small, the only other woman in the movie, is one of the most loathsome villains ever committed to film. The movie begins with a 30 minute verbal shootout and ends with an actual shootout. Watch it if you haven't.

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