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  • Just Imagine

    Just Imagine


    I've seen musicals, and I've seen Sci-fi movies, and I've seen pre-codes... but this was my first musical sci-fi pre-code. And as a historic curio, Just Imagine has a lot to offer. But as a story... well, it's a mixed bag.

    Fresh off the success of their hit musical Sunnyside Up, director David Butler and producers/writers/songwriters Lew Brown, Buddy G. DeSylva, and Ray Henderson reteamed to create this ambitious speculative future comedy musical for Fox Studios. Fox likely would've allowed…

  • Theodore Rex

    Theodore Rex

    There's movie jail, and then there's whatever hole in Siberia Jonathan R. Betuel crawled into after writing and directing Theodore Rex. You might think that the guy who wrote The Last Starfighter (and to a lesser point wrote and directed My Science Project) could surely still be able to muster some goodwill in Hollywood, but then you probably haven't watched this spectacularly bad career-killing belly flop of a swan song. Give it a spin. You'll see. There's no coming back…

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  • The Eyes of the Mummy

    The Eyes of the Mummy


    At the time of this viewing, The Eyes of the Mummy, aka Die Augen der Mumie Ma (1918) is 100 years old, and it is certainly a product of its time. It's a silent drama with proto-horror elements partially set in "the Orient" (which in 1918 was still considered Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean) that features a white savior hero and a black-faced villain. But if you can look past the more cringe-inducing elements of the film, it's definitely worth…

  • Lifeguard



    This breezy and affable sun-soaked character piece tells the story of one thirty something lifeguard's Summer of '75, and the women who shaped it.

    Sam Elliott plays Rick, a full grown man with a carefree adolescent existence. As a beach lifeguard for Los Angeles County, he's happy and good at his job but he's beginning to feel the pressure to grow up. He's still a hit with the ladies but he clearly has more in common with his young lifeguard…