Hell or High Water

Hell or High Water ★★★★½

This is one of my favorites that I knew nothing about when I walked into the theater. Cops and robbers!
1st great thing is the score. It’s it’s own unique score.
Then Jeff Bridges because he’s great here. Then the script as we find out more about the brothers and their plan and then we appreciate the characters that Chris and Ben portrayed. They really gave us a good brothers moral story/presentation that really shows here how good they can act. Then we get to the climatic bank job and shit goes crazy that someone loses an eye which frankly still shocks me because he was a good guy! I was shook! Then the final scenes and last convo before we span across a field like a good old western tale. Looks dusty but it’s pretty good that it deserved that Best Picture Nomination. 

Fact: This is one of my favorites to recommend to others.

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