3 Men and a Little Lady ★½

This sequel is complete and utter trash. The only thing in the first one that I didn't like was the mom, Sylvia. And guess what? She's the whole main plot of this movie!!! I was so mad every single time she was on screen.

Sylvia might be one of the most annoying characters ever written. I normally love women characters in movies. Whoever wrote Sylvia could not have written a more awful character. She keeps snapping at Tom Selleck about her "needs" and it's like....GIRL!! YOU LEFT YOUR BABY AT A DOORSTEP! THESE GUYS HELPED YOU! YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO SPEAK!!!

There could have been a nice sequel. They should have had the mom just leave again. It would have been just like her character to leave so it would have worked fine! Whenever she told somebody in the movie, "I wonder if I'm a good mother to Mary..." I wanted to shout at her, "YOU'RE NOT!"

Sylvia randomly likes Tom Selleck now too. For no reason???? And he likes her back???? Why????

The only reason I give it 1.5 stars is because there is a very small part of the movie that has similar wholesome-ness to the first one.

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