A Place in the Sun ★★★★

I've been wanting to see this movie for months and I hyped it up so much in my mind so I'm very glad to say I was not disappointed by A Place in the Sun!

The only thing I wasn't prepared for was how terrible of a person Montgomery Clift's character, George, is throughout the movie. I originally was attracted to the movie based on the poster and because both Elizabeth Taylor and Clift are in it. I knew a little bit of the plot (That George was going to be with one girl then love another one and have to do something about the original girlfriend) but not much, so I was shocked how little I rooted for George.

I've seen some people saying this aged badly over the years but I strongly disagree. I also think this should have won Best Picture over An American in Paris (I know, I know). It's rare that a two hour movie flies by like this one. I didn't want it to end!

Now I want to see both the original version and also read the book!

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