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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Tonight, I did something I haven’t done in a while. I tried on an old polo shirt from my high school uniform. It was a green one—rare—that you could only get as a hand-me-down because they didn’t make them anymore. It still fits. Tightly, I must admit, but it still does. That part of my life isn’t as far behind me as I think it is. Maybe it never will be.

    Here’s the thing. I went to catholic school. Or…

  • Rebecca



    Q: Who is your favorite cinematic ghost?
    A: Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca.

    Q: Not Patrick Swayze, or Beetlejuice, or someone from The Others or The Sixth Sense? Casper, maybe? 
    A: No, no. It's Mrs. Danvers.

    Q: She's not a real ghost, though. 
    A: Well, she arrives and leaves very suddenly, as if from nowhere, and she always glides. Oh! And she never blinks!

    Q: Ghosts don't blink?
    A: Some do. Not Mrs. Danvers.

    Q: If Mrs. Danvers is a ghost,…

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  • Manifesto


    Cate Blanchett is God.

  • The Third Man

    The Third Man


    I’ve never wanted to be a shadow until I watched The Third Man. The cinematography is so gorgeous and cool. 16mm film is beautiful and soothing—I love the grain & the colors (here, just black & grey & white & more black) & the sound of the projector. So now I want to be a shadow—not a ghost—roaming a Vienna in ruins, soaring over its rubble, riding the ferris wheel, taking a balloon or two, sinking deeper into the sewers, not listening to the score...

    Or maybe I just want to be Orson Welles.

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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    Profoundly uncool—not in the uncool-is-actually-cool way, but in the way that it wears its overconfidence on its sleeve, that it constantly shakes your shoulders and screams at you that it's cool and amazing. And it simply isn't. It's just shallow. Sure, there are some good sequences here and there, but every single character is so flat that, in the end, those (rare) good sequences don't even matter. Poor Debora is so poorly (and to be honest, offensively) written; she's an…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    A second viewing cemented it in my heart. The tragedy of it all hits harder, the comedy lands even better, and I appreciated it even more. I love the lighting (though I still hate the fisheye). Olivia Colman is a God. Rachel Weisz is stern and sexy and heartbreaking and perfect. Emma Stone is brutal. I love these women, I love that they exist on screen, I love that they’re both ugly and beautiful in so many different ways, that…