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  • Lady Bird

    Lady Bird


    Tonight, I did something I haven’t done in a while. I tried on an old polo shirt from my high school uniform. It was a green one—rare—that you could only get as a hand-me-down because they didn’t make them anymore. It still fits. Tightly, I must admit, but it still does. That part of my life isn’t as far behind me as I think it is. Maybe it never will be.

    Here’s the thing. I went to catholic school. Or…

  • Rebecca



    Q: Who is your favorite cinematic ghost?
    A: Mrs. Danvers from Rebecca.

    Q: Not Patrick Swayze, or Beetlejuice, or someone from The Others or The Sixth Sense? Casper, maybe? 
    A: No, no. It's Mrs. Danvers.

    Q: She's not a real ghost, though. 
    A: Well, she arrives and leaves very suddenly, as if from nowhere, and she always glides. Oh! And she never blinks!

    Q: Ghosts don't blink?
    A: Some do. Not Mrs. Danvers.

    Q: If Mrs. Danvers is a ghost,…

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  • Us



    I think every movie from now on should have at least one Lupita, if not more.

  • Keanu



    It's really simple; I see a cat on the poster, I watch.

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  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    I’ve been wondering how to phrase this review, how to organize my thoughts and feelings, trying to determine whether or not sharing them is worth it for my own well-being. Writing all this down has definitely helped me release at least some of the tension, heartbreak, and anger I’ve been harboring. There will be spoilers, which I don’t care to flag because I wish I had been warned, explicitly, of the gory details. So tread lightly, or not at all.…

  • Fearless



    Isabella Rossellini is on a whole other level than anyone in this movie (and it's a genuinely great cast). She's like a ray of beauty & grace and she elevated the entire film—the heart is for her. I didn't particularly feel for the main characters, but I was very moved by her pain, confusion, and helplessness as the wife of a plane crash survivor whose trauma and denial wreck his daily life and his relationship with his loved ones.