Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker ★★

A spineless, soulless thing that parades around as a movie. I didn’t care much for TLJ, and yet I can recognize it had vision, it had life. I thought I was going to feel something during RoS—anger, sadness, grief, perhaps I would even be a contrarian and love it. But no, there’s just disappointment. And it’s not even the disappointment that hurts, the one that makes you realize just how much you loved something in the first place. It’s disappointment that fades into nothingness.

Back when it came out and I came across spoilers, I was heartbroken. For various reasons that range from deeply personal to silly. Mainly because I felt that something I once loved did not love me back. But now, I realize it doesn’t deserve my feelings, good or bad. It’s just too bad of a movie to be worth it. Why should I get upset over something as morally bankrupt, as empty and vapid, something that is nothing more than a fan service cash-grab to appease certain parts of the fandom that are louder than others? I will say one thing though, Carrie Fisher deserved so much more than what they did to her.

I liked the bits of humour, the things that make Star Wars Star Wars—I love C-3PO, I have always loved him and I always will; the ewoks! the ewoks!; Babu Frik. And there are sparks of life here and there—every scene with Rey & Finn & Poe made my heart flutter & reminded me of the hope and excitement I felt when TFA came out. But ultimately, no fire starts out of those sparks. There’s no weight to anything and all emotional value is surface-level at best. It doesn’t function as a movie. And it barely functions as a spectacle. What a waste.

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