Shutter Island

Shutter Island ★★★★½

Shutter Island is one of those films that gets under your skin. The film makes you question everything you just watched and dares you to take another glance so you can catch all of the fine details you think you missed.
The film opens with a shot that draws you into the perspective of Teddy Daniels (Leonardo Dicaprio) as he is on his way to a criminally insane hospital that houses patients that can be violent. He is in search of an escaped patient but the film takes you on a wild ride and halfway through you're not sure whats reality and what's not and that uneasy feeling does not go away until the end of the film.
Shutter Island is thrilling and riveting and the performances by all of the cast are incredible. Scorsese crafts a beautiful, unflinching roller coaster of a film. You will love every second of it.