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  • Bill Direen: A Memory of Others

    Bill Direen: A Memory of Others


    Simon Ogston is making the New Zealand music/arts docos where you can’t believe your luck – your favourite cult act, finally, is being correctly, lovingly examined. At a previous film festival it was his take on The Skeptics – and his work returns to this year’s upcoming festival with this tender portrait of writer, poet, performer, musician, Bill Direen.

    Ogston’s camera is never far from the Dunedin-based Direen as he packs to embark on a tour of the country; that’s…

  • Swagger of Thieves

    Swagger of Thieves


    “Head Like A Hole is the sweaty beast of NZ rock’n’roll music…” – that comes from a quote I wrote for a poster of the band; I look at that poster every day, it’s above my desk – it’s there because I had to create the quote first, get it to the band so they could meet the printer’s deadline for a tour poster, I then had to write the rest of the piece that would fit that quote in…