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  • The Magnificent Trio

    The Magnificent Trio


    Very good early Shaw Brothers. Amazing how young Ku Feng was here; I'm so used to him being a wise elder (good or evil). Lo Lieh is the class of the bunch, though, as usual. Decent action, not up to their later standards, but a good story and the drama works for the most part. Could have been one of their real classics with a villain who stood a chance against the heroes. You know, someone like Lo Lieh...

  • Dragon from Shaolin

    Dragon from Shaolin

    Yuen Biao is always worth a watch, but he doesn't get to do a hell of a lot here. Kara Hui is so underused that I didn't realize it was her until the movie was almost over. One of the kids, Little Bully, was a non-stop annoyance, and the other (the main character), although better, still did nothing for me. Most of the humor missed, as well. But Yuen has his moments, and Vivan Hsu is always something of a joy to watch. Not an awful film, but I promise I'll never watch it again.

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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Raiders of the Lost Ark


    It really isn't just nostalgia.
    I saw this in the theater when I was ten. I didn't know anything about genres then, but if I had, I would enthusiastically have said that this set the standard for action/adventure films. Watching it now, more than thirty years later, it is still the standard. It has simply never been equaled. There's not a casting choice, not a plot development, not a line of dialog, not a single frame I would change about…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Just thought I'd close out the year watching the year's best film.