Dominik Höcht

Dominik Höcht


A thirtysomething, happily married soul from Germany. Daddy of two wonderful daughters.

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  • Signs



    This is not a review. This is a reflection of my feelings. I saw Signs back then in the cinema and I found it scary. Not any more. Today it looks so much different. My God, did I feel for this family. It's not necessarily about the aliens. The film uses them as a means to an end, to teach us about faith. To show us that not everything can be explained logically. Be it aliens or processes during the…

  • Panic Room

    Panic Room


    Panic room, check! Once again I have watched David Fincher's work and I must say that I still like the film very much. It manages to create an extreme atmosphere in the smallest of spaces. The actors are superbly chosen, most notably Forest Whitaker as a rather involuntary criminal with a heart, Jodie Foster as a protector who overcomes her own fears and a very young Kristen Stewart who fits like a fist in the eye of rebellious youth.

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  • Deadpool



    „Deadpool“ ist…

    … zynisch
    … derb
    … brutal
    … witzig
    … erfrischend anders

    … und vor allem Fanservice deluxe

    „Deadpool“ ist nicht…

    … für jeden geeignet.

  • Ruby Red

    Ruby Red


    Beinahe vollwertige Katastrophe