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  • Flame in the Streets

    Flame in the Streets


    "One of these days you'll wake up and find out the spades have taken over this place and wonder how it happened."

    A Union leader who fights for equality in the workplace turns out to have a somewhat different attitude when he discovers that his daughter has fallen in love with a West Indian.

    Actually that is perhaps a bit harsh and maybe it would be fairer to say that John Mills' character is realistic about the prospects for a…

  • The Green Inferno

    The Green Inferno


    Week 21 of A History of Horror – 2017 Weekly Challenge -

    A group of activists head for the Amazon to put a stop to the destruction of the forest but fall into the hands of a tribe of cannibals.

    So basically Hostel in the jungle, a tribute to the Italian cannibal films and in particular Cannibal Holocaust although mercifully Eli Roth resists the urge to mimic that film's Found Footage aesthetic.

    The big question then is, is the…

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  • Diamonds Are Forever

    Diamonds Are Forever


    007 Rank-A-Thon

    Blofeld is back but 007 has finally tracked him down and drowned him in boiling hot mud before the opening credits have even rolled. That was easy.

    Now it's off on another mission although, as he himself points out to M, trying to track down who is accumulating huge stack of diamonds is a little beneath him. But, wouldn't you know it, there's more to it than that.

    Those diamonds are apparently in the hands of billionaire Willard…

  • You Only Live Twice

    You Only Live Twice


    007 Rank-A-Thon

    SPECTRE are aiming big this time, trying to provoke all out war between the USA and Russia by hijacking their spacecraft, causing a lot of name calling and general mistrust between the superpowers. Then when they blow themselves up SPECTRE will swoop in and the world will be theirs.

    That feels like a rather drastic way to obtain ultimate power, particularly since there's no guarantee there'll be anything left after the conflagration, but I guess they've grown tired…