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  • North Sea Hijack

    North Sea Hijack


    "Both my parents died tragically in childbirth."

    North Sea Hijack pretty much begins with Lloyds of London realising that oil rigs are a potential target for terrorists or criminals and that they bloody well ought to have a plan in place just in case.

    So they bring in ffolkes, a man with his own private band of marines, who figures out how one would go about hijacking a rig and from there, how he would foil such a plan.


  • 2001: A Space Odyssey

    2001: A Space Odyssey


    Happy birthday to 2001, yes, it's been 50 years since it went on general release. Just think on that for a moment, 50 years. Think about how far cinema had come in the half century before Kubrick made this film and how far it's come in that same amount of time since then and you realise, if you hadn't already, what an extraordinary achievement it is.

    Now I'm sure there are people out there who like to decry the love…

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  • Chain of Events

    Chain of Events


    A bank clerk's decision to avoid paying his bus fare home one day sets of, yes, you've guessed it, a chain of events that leads to job loss, blackmail and more.

    Another non Carry On outing for Gerald Thomas and Peter Rogers and based on a radio play by none other than Leo McKern. It's a nice idea and works rather well, although the manner in which it's all set off is rather questionable, the gentleman in question dodges his…

  • Some Will, Some Won't

    Some Will, Some Won't


    Veteran prankster Henry Russell (Wilfred Brambell) leaves his four remaining relative £150,000 each in his will, with the stipulation that each of them must complete a task within the space of 2 months, and each of those tasks is completely against their nature.

    Agnes (Thora Hird) must work as a hotel maid after years of bullying those very people, Denniston (Michael Horden), who has never broken a rule in his life, must commit a crime and spend 28 days in…

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  • Beware the Slenderman

    Beware the Slenderman


    The story of how two pre-teens, both of whom appear to be delusional and one of whom has been diagnosed as schizophrenic attempted to murder a friend of theirs believing that they are acting under the instructions of Slenderman.

    The thing that lies at the heart of their delusion and what makes it so difficult to break is exactly the same thing that lies at the heart of religious beliefs and that is the inability of anyone to disprove the…

  • Live and Let Die

    Live and Let Die


    007 Rank-A-Thon

    At last a realistic Bond villain, at least in terms of his aims and the method by which he's setting out to achieve it, flooding the US with a couple of tons of opium (it sounds much more charming than heroin) which will be given away for free thereby knocking out all the competition in one fell swoop. I'm not sure it would actually work out like that but it's not completely unrealistic and what's more the price…