Eaten Alive! The Rise and Fall of the Italian Cannibal Film ★★★½

What is that nice middle aged English lady doing in a documentary on the Italian Cannibal cycle? Oh, wait, it's only bloody Me Me Lai!

Anyway, we have the talking heads of Lenzi, Deodato and Martino talking about their films. And the actors telling us, what we had probably guessed, which was that it wasn't much fun being naked in the jungle. And folks like Kim Newman telling us that we probably shouldn't be worrying too much about the politics of the films because it's Italian exploitation cinema and it's just something that goes with the territory.

The thing I was mostly left with was the thought that Sergio Martino still looks like a man in his prime (actually he's 77) and why haven't we heard anything from him lately. It turns out that he's be stuck in Italian TV movie hell for the last 30 years. Such a waste.