Free Fire ★★★

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for simplicity when it comes to storytelling, but Free Fire may just take that concept a little bit too far for even my taste.

The set up for the action sees Cillian Murphy and Michael Smiley's Provos looking to secure a deal for guns from Sharlto Copley and Babou Ceesay's dealers with the assistance of intermediaries Brie Larson on the one hand and Armie Hammer on the other.

Everything's going as well as can be expected given the mutual levels of distrust, until an altercation from the night before between two of the main guys' minions, rears it's ugly head and all hell breaks loose.

And that's about it, a little bit of set up followed by an hour long fire fight.

There's no doubting that the action is well handled and you never lose track of who's who and what they're affiliations are. Again, it's kept simple by having only a modicum of double dealing, no more than you would expect. But it's just not enough, not even for me.

Having said that I'm a fan of keeping things simple, I'm even more of a fan of brevity and coming in at just 90 minutes this fits the bill on that score, but there really isn't enough going on to fill even that scant running time.

I'm all for Ben Wheatley always trying to do something different, more power to him. And I hope that he keeps on hammering out all these genre pieces one after the other, I rather have something like this than something safe and banal, but I am left feeling I want something more substantial.