Long Weekend

Long Weekend ★★★★

Week 25 of A History of Horror – 2017 Weekly Challenge - Nature Run Amok

A bickering couple go off to spend the weekend at a secluded beach but it seems that nature is turning against them.

As if humans aren't insufferable enough we are forced to spend this movie in the company of this couple who seem to be constantly at each other's throats. Quite why they have decided to spend all this time on their own is not clear but it seems rather unpropitious. But it does mean that for the viewer there is no one here to like, nature can have its way with them, and we will be grateful.

It's not only that they aren't getting on, but we also see the casual disregard for nature, a burning cigarette is tossed from their car to start off a bush fire and a kangaroo is run down in an accidental but also careless and casual manner, although to be fair these crimes are his not hers. And come morning she wakes to find him attempting to chop down a tree, why?, she asks him, why not?, is his reply.

Later they start to get on a bit better and though it won't last long at least there is some relief for the viewer, until we learn that the reason for their animosity towards one another is the abortion she recently had as a result of an affair.

The beach itself is an idyll, although its very existence is questioned when he stops and asks for directions and the locals say that they have never heard of the place. Nevertheless, they find it, although there is more than one suggestion that perhaps it exists somewhere other than in this locality, perhaps in some part of the Twilight Zone.

The question then is, is nature actually turning against them or is it just that, as has been said many times before, Australia is a place that is constantly trying to kill you?

Despite the obvious dangers of snakes and spiders, it's eagles, possums and just plain old trees which are turning against them.

And something else, the dark shape that appears in the water which may be a manatee or, as he refers to it, a bunyip. Maybe it's the thing he kills, is washed up on shore, is apparently dead and buried, but doesn't want to stay that way.

This is the only thing which leaves us with any question in our mind about what might be going on. Is nature taking revenge or is this just the hazards of living in a place where you don't belong.

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