Maniac Cop

Maniac Cop ★★★★

Part of Xanax & Strippers: The Todd Gaines Movie Challenge

24. Any movie starring Tom fuckin' Atkins!

Someone is randomly killing the good ladies and gentlemen of New York City, but although there are reports that it's a cop who is responsible, it's only Detective Tom fuckin' Atkins who believes them.

Larry Cohen is a great ideas man, he has a way of taking a simple notion and running with it. Here we have a killer who isn't deranged, he isn't suffering from some mental illness, he hasn't gone off the rails, and he hasn't risen from the dead, instead he's brain-damaged. There's no way you would get away with saying that these days.

What we have here is a top line action horror with some great stunt work and a top-notch cast, apart from Mr Atkins, you have Bruce Campbell, William Smith, Richard Roundtree and of course Robert Z'Dar.

Seek it out.

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