Showdown in Little Tokyo ★★½

Woovember III #18

And the showdown is between the Yakuza who announce their arrival on the scene in no uncertain terms with a hail of machine gun fire, and Dolph Lundgren and his new partner Brandon Lee.

To make matters even spicier the Japanese gangsters are headed by Yoshida, the very man who had murdered Dolph's parents in Japan when he was a child. And might I say, considering how much Dolph has grown in the intervening years, Yoshida looks remarkably spry.

This is a movie which is not in the slightest bit fussy about who it casts in it's Japanese roles, like Lee and Tia Carrere, anyone with any kind of Asian ancestry gets the gig.

Neither is it overly concerned with the consequences of the actions of it's characters, bodies drop like flies and no one seems much bothered. Out two heroes even flee the scene themselves after creating havoc in a bath house.

It is unremarkable stuff, save for it's brief running time (always welcome) and the fact that Lee is called upon to compliment Lundgren on the size of his penis.