Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

Or, how Han Solo met Chewie and got the Millennium Falcon. Oh yes, and got his name because apparently he had spent the first 20 odd years of his life with nothing more than a first name.

Anyway that's all this is basically about it because that's how he arrives in Star Wars, a guy with a large furry sidekick and a ship.

And in that regard the teaming up with Chewie is rather perfunctory, they pretty much become fast friends immediately, and how he gets his hands on the Falcon is via a card game which the film does absolutely nothing to convince the viewer that it has any rules, which is very annoying.

As for the story, well I will admit that I did think I was going to have to sit through yet another Star Wars film about a heist only for them to flip the script and make it about two heists!

The film also of course has to overcome the Harrison Ford hurdle, which it fails to do. Ford is Solo, so Alden Ehrenreich merely ends up being an actor playing a character with that same name.

In then end it all seems like an entirely pointless exercise, it's just about taking a character and leading him up to a known point which also means that with a few exceptions the script is filled with characters who are doomed to either die or wander off into the ether never to be seen or heard of again.

I don't know exactly what the problem with Lord and Miller's take on this story was but I can't imagine it would have been any worse than Howard's, in any case I'm pretty sure it would at least have been funnier than this film in which the closest thing to wit is a comment on Lando's capes.

Donald Glover is good though.

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