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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

An inveterate gambler is given a bag to hold for a guy who is just off to prison for the next six months. He's told not to look in it and that at the end of the jail term he'll be paid $10,000.

That's a pretty sweet deal and one that you're not likely to mess up given that the owner of the bag is a scary kind of guy. But of course our guy can't resist taking a peak and lo and behold it's filled with cash and of course he's going to take a dip and lose.

So is it a comedy or a drama or a dramedy? Well, as best I can figure it's none of those. I wasn't laughing so it's no comedy and there was never any sense of danger despite being in the hole for $50,000 to a large gentlemen with possibly violent tendencies and all the talk of running away to Canada.

What are we left with then? A guy who doesn't know what's good for him gets in a heap of trouble despite having a pile of cash coming his way in a few short months, then decides to turn his life around with the help of his brother who then pulls the rug so he decides to dig an even bigger hole for himself.

Like I said, there is no sense of jeopardy so there comes a point where you've washed your hands of the character in part because of his decision making and in part because it's entirely obvious that things will not end up badly.

I can put up with Jake Johnson's schtick on New Girl because it comes in short doses, but this is too much. Improvisation rarely works for me and this is a complete fail, the film is full of conversations which go nowhere because the characters are constantly dancing around the purpose of their interactions, as if afraid to get to where they need to go.

Here's a tip guys, try writing down what the characters are going to say before you start the camera rolling.