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  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You

    Yes I like the pro-union, anti-capitalist stuff, etc. But it just got stupider and more boring as it went on. It was 90 plus degrees out and I went to the theater for AC and water. There was no AC, a big hot sweaty exhaling mass of uncomfortable bodies, and 2 ounces of free water. I couldn’t refill my cup at the shitty drinking fountain because there were too many foots and bags to step over/on to get into the…

  • Joker


    I definitely don’t like this movie and I really dislike some parts (the imaginary girlfriend, the whole idea of the movie) but I do a little bit like this movie and it basically comes down to Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro.

    I haven’t seen it mentioned that Joaquin’s performance in the final, real, interview is basically his best impression of Divine. So it’s kind of funny to watch the climax of this movie as mirroring the climax of Female Trouble. Dawn Davenport is the Joker, haha. ‘You’re looking at crime personified AND DON’T YOU FORGET IT!’