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  • Gozu



    Let The Hooptober Five In | Film #11

    Short review, might consider a rewatch in the future.

    I am so sorry for those who thought I would like this, but this might be my least favorite film from Takashi Miike.

    It's fucked up as usual, but it lacks of the thoughtful elements he has put on Audition or Ichi the Killer. Those things that makes you think about it, draw deep emotions or leave you in shock. I sadly couldn't…

  • Death Bell

    Death Bell


    Let The Hooptober Five In | Film #10

    Well, this was a disappointing movie for me considering all the marketing it got back on that year, but then again I think I read the sequel is much better.

    Death Bell is the interesting story of a vengeful ghost who comes back to its school, and with some help, it testes the best students to answer its questions. They fail, a student dies.

    We got our leads: Yi-na, Miss Choi, Mr.…

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  • They Live

    They Live


    Let The Hooptober Five In | Film #5

    I agree with someone's comment: this is John Carpenter's most underrated film and I even gotta say is his most clever film.

    They Live shows his point of view on how capitalism is present before our eyes. Nowadays, is on the verge of being not exactly a horror movie but an actual picture of reality under the capitalist system, or a film about the horrid reality.

    We got how these minorities, like…

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre


    Hoop-Tober III: Monsters, Gore and many Ghosts | Film #2

    The Summer Of Directors Challenge: #70 Tobe Hooper

    This is a masterpiece.

    I wasn't even close to the half of it when I knew that this was one work of well done art.

    The direction is greatly done, it follows a perfect sequence and takes us to the points that matter, also providing lingering moments when focusing on details.

    The lead characters are fascinating in their own. Leatherface is the…