Brave ★★★★½

*WARNING* Minor Spoilers. Nothing you can't discern from promo stuff but still.

The latest Pixar film, and the first original Pixar film since 2009's UP, BRAVE is a fantasy tale that feels like nothing that Pixar has put out lately.

I've often said that Pixar does their best work when showing the magic in the mundane. Films like Toy Story, Up, Finding Nemo, and Ratatouille peel back a layer of our reality, showing us the magic in our world. I might have to take some of that back, as Brave is wholly a fantasy adventure and is probably one of the most beautiful, poignant films they've released.

Perhaps one of the biggest gripes I have with Brave is that it feels somewhat familiar, especially if you're a fan of Disney films. Aping LITTLE MERMAID, BEAUTY & THE BEAST, and BROTHER BEAR, Brave can feel a bit hackneyed at times. Brave is very much a fairy tale with an message at the end. As they say, legends can be lessons.