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  • Sadako vs. Kayako

    Sadako vs. Kayako


    I went into Sadako vs Kayako with a hazy memory of what had been before, expecting a camp Freddy vs Jason-esque horror comedy, which it so nearly is but doesn't quite reach it.

    Slagging off Lionsgate or New Line Cinema by-the-numbers horrors - the made by accountants horror movies - is quite commonplace these days because they often play it far too safe. But this is an example of a film that could have done with a bit more direction…

  • Baskin



    Heard a lot of good things about this Turkish horror following a bunch of dickheads who get stuck in what's probably Hell. However, there's only so many times a weird-looking cult leader kissing someone on the forehead can be creepy before it becomes trite. A decent attempt to instil atmosphere in a barebones script but found itself lacking. I'd be much more interested in seeing the short film upon which this is based. I can imagine with a leaner run-time there would be less padding.

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  • Crash


    Wow what a revelation. Apparently black people can be racist of white people, white people can be racist of black people, black people can be racist of black people, black people can be racist of hispanic people, white people can be racist of middle-eastern people, middle eastern people can be racist of hispanic people, hispanic people are nice, white people can't be racist of white people.


    Those same black people can be nice to white people, those white people…

  • First Blood

    First Blood


    I kind of thought it would be a mindless action film where Sly goes around killing the bad guys in the jungle with his machine gun and that's about it. Like Predator, I guess, just without the Predator.

    I was wrong. It's excellent. I found it very entertaining, and also quite sad. Sure, Rambo is this bad-ass, super elite soldier who can kill a man practically by looking at him with his wonky face, but I never realised there was…