Alien: Resurrection ★★

Although yes, it's a poor film, rubbish in many respects, I didn't actually think it was as bad as I remembered it being. You can see what Whedon was trying to do with the characters, it's very rough and a little one dimensional, but he's trying to create this tension within the group and capture some kind of camaraderie between them all at the same time. I'm not sure whether it's because his writing got lost along the way when Jean-Pierre Jeunet started adapting his screenplay, but it doesn't quite work perfectly; you can still tell what the intention was, though. A few characters have quite strong personalities at least, and although Ripley's not the same Ripley in the previous instalments in many respects, she's still an interesting character with a decent performance from Weaver.

What it is lacking, however, is any kind of atmosphere or tension. The horror and action from the previous films is replaced by lacklustre attempts at both. The whole plot is quite frankly absurd; the final quarter of the film is utterly ridiculous (although the alien death scene is pretty awesome). It's just a bit gory, the aliens are essentially Jurassic Park raptors in space, and the doctor working with them is both a stupid character and a really weird performance. He seems to be crying in 50% of his scenes. Very odd.

Its biggest problem is that it's not scary nor fun, it's just all a bit 'meh'. It seems a confused mess of ideas and concepts with some very silly plot/narrative choices. However, it is far from being one of the worst films I've ever seen.