AVP: Alien vs. Predator ★★★

I saw this not long after it came out (in 2004! 8 years ago! Fuck sake) and was very disappointed in it. However, on reflection, and after rewatching it for the first time, it's not all that bad. Lots of action, a big alien queen and a fist fight between an alien and a predator which (if you're honest) is the main thing you want to see in a film with a title like this, isn't it? Everything else is by the by. The CGI and stuff is actually pretty good in the most part, although it is also unintentionally hilarious with the slow-motion Matrix-style spinning camera trick when face-huggers are leaping through the air etc

The main criticisms of the film would probably be that the film is fine until the predators turn up, actually. Then it all gets a bit silly. There are way too many plot holes to mention (why, on earth, would this ancient civilization be using our calendar system??) and the dialogue is frustratingly crap; You don't need have things like characters looking down a hole and saying "I'm looking down the hole" etc. The characters kept making stupid decisions too, not to mention the majority of them being extremely annoying, and the aliens were far, far too easy to kill.

But, like I said, it wasn't really a bad as I remembered. It is mostly just a fun sci-fi action film that delivers on its promise to have aliens fighting predators. It could've been improved if there were no annoying humans in it at all, but then, it would've probably made it a dull film with just fighting and nothing else. I've never seen the sequel (although the premise sounds appalling) and still haven't seen Predators, which I'm assured "isn't that bad" either. So.. there's something to look forward to, I guess.

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