Envy ½

Jack Black and Ben Stiller play friends who fall out over one of them becoming rich after he invents a chemical that can dissolve dog tods called "Vapoorize". Lol. Get it? Cause it has 'poo' in the name. Ahh.


I quite like Ben Stiller in comedies. I'm not a massive fan of his, although Zoolander is pretty fantastic, but he's one of the few American actors who crops up in every other comedy film they make in Hollywood who I can laugh at. I also don't hate Jack Black half as much as some people do.


They are really unfunny in this. The closing credits are the two of them on one of those live shopping networks, improv-ing, trying to flog their new product and it's just not funny. The support characters are also utter garbage. Apart from the odd scene, I don't think the film raised much of a smile at all, nevermind a laugh. Avoid.