Friday the 13th ★½

Essentially a re-imagined origin story for Jason, but the film as a whole is a remake of the first 4 original films in the series, combined into one complete story, apparently.

I can't decide whether it was utter, utter shit, or whether it was brilliant. If it was meant to be scary, then it failed on every level. I didn't think Jason was menacing or frightening at all. There was no tension being built up before each inevitable kill, it was just "oh, there's Jason.... *dead*".

On the other hand, if it was supposed to be a tongue in cheek, sleazy, slasher film, where every cliché from characters to (supposedly) jumpy moments is in there, and nods to the original films (that may have gone over my head), with the most unnatural and appalling dialogue ever (I noticed Michael Bay was on the credits, and as there was only one very mild explosion, I'm guessing he was employed for this considering the dialogue from the Transformers films), then fair play. If that was their intention, then they pulled that off well. You know, sort of along the lines of Drag Me To Hell which is brilliant in its lack-of-brilliance. But not as brilliant.

Whilst watching it I just thought it was pants, though. It was another of these modern American horrors like Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake (which I have since found out is actually directed by the same guy), or the Wrong Turn films, or the Hills Have Eyes remake, etc that all blend together into one film. Granted it's not one that lingered on all the gore and torture-porn stuff (although it came close to just being regular porn on a number of occasions) but it was just so excruciating to watch in the sense it was so bad.

I didn't like it, essentially. Maybe I just didn't get it, but to me it was very average and pretty lame. I did like the ending, though, of which I did get the reference.

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