In the Heat of the Night ★★★★

I'd heard about it before but a friend of mine recommended it not too long ago when discussing films that we would like to see remade on the Failed Critics podcast. I'm not sure it needs to be remade to be honest at there doesn't seem to be too much missing from this! I thought it was excellent. Poitier is excellent as the black detective, he can say a lot without opening his mouth. His expression, particularly in the scene early on in the cell when he's just staring, is so intense that when he just snaps his fingers, it really does make you jump too.

The level of the racism here is very uncomfortable to watch, not because it's particularly violent, but because of the unashamed brashness of it. But obviously the point of it is that it helps you to sympathise with Poitier's character; you admire the way he deals with it with dignity and class. It also helps that he's a bloody good detective who is stubborn and wants to do the right thing.

At the heart of it is a good thriller and mystery story which tackles a very sore topic at the same time. Great performances, a good mystery and well made.