Rocky IV ★★★½

I'm 26 years old. This is the first time I've seen this film.

I know a lot of people are going to be judging me right now. Fair enough. It's probably deserved.

The cheesy music, the relentless montage scene after montage scene, the robot fucking maid; none of this should be in a film considered "good". And yet... here we are.

The fight scenes in this film are as ludicrous as they always are in Rocky films, but so much better; much more exciting. Ivan Drago is probably the best "in ring" villain of the Rocky films. Not just because of what he represents (the evil Soviets and their heartless, soulless, all-conquering machine that can only be stopped by true American grit) but he just seems like the first boxer you've thought that Rocky couldn't beat (as inevitable as it is that he will be.)

The whole montage in the cabin (followed almost directly by another montage scene in the cabin) was brilliant, though - sure they're overdone in not just this film but in the series as a whole, and they're an easy way out when the writers can't be bothered to spend time on some bits of the plot, but it's so.. so... "Rocky". It just works.

Also, Rocky stops the cold war single-handedly. Rocky, Rocky, Rocky...

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