Shutter Island ★★★½

There's this island with mental patients. And Leo DiCaprio plays a US Marshall who is investigating a missing patient. Er, I think. I had a bit to drink whilst watching it, quickly realised that it probably wasn't a good idea, but persisted (with both the drink and the film).

It's one of these films where it's known for having a big twist in it, but even in my slightly tipsy state, I still spotted it. It was kind of telegraphed but I was looking out for it from the start. But that shouldn't detract from what is an interesting film. Very dark, a bit arty without being off-puttingly / pretentiously so. I did keep spotting little errors, but not sure if they were intentional due to the nature of the film? Things like depending on the camera angle in each scene, people are in almost entirely different positions. I'll give Scorcese the benefit of the doubt though and assume it's a reflection of DiCaprio's mental state.

Also, the scenes in the concentration camp... pretty grim! Very effective. Just recently read Maus by Art Spiegelman (or art spiegelman) and so anything with concentration camps in just seems 100x worse to me at the moment as they all suddenly appear so real. It has a very harrowing atmosphere.