Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ★★★★½

I know that it’s not a universally adored film, and that it divides opinion quite sharply between those that prefer the original, and those that prefer the sequel. The thing is, they’re both really good films but made for a different audience. Terminator is almost a horror in its tone and style, with the relentless machine hunting the vulnerable and innocent woman, but still felt very sci-fi. The film was wrought with tension and incredible special effects.

The sequel still captures some of those horror elements, it has the chase by a seemingly unstoppable force in Robert Patrick playing the T-1000, who probably isn’t quite as menacing as Arnie as the cold, unemotional terminating machine, but is still quite scary when you’re younger. I saw it when I was about 7 or 8 at my grandma’s house, first time I’d spent the night away from my parents, and it was just the scariest movie I’d ever seen. But Arnie was there, protecting me! I was John Conner, and I wanted a massive, cool friend and body guard like that to hang around with.

The film is an adventure, it’s full of action, the one liners are just brilliant and it does have a very good, intelligently written plot to it. The whole Skynet stuff - it’s easy to overcomplicate an idea like that, but as complex as it possibly is, they get away with it. It’s tricky when handling anything to do with time-travel, you get all kinds of paradoxes popping up, but in T2 it’s delivered in a way that makes sense. I’m sure there are lots of theories around that prove it doesn’t, but in a way that's not an issue. It fits into the plot without distracting you from the quite frankly amazing action pieces and excitement that Cameron seemed to be able to do better than anybody at that time. It’s just brilliant and anyone who has seen it, and doesn’t shed just a little tear at the end with the thumbs up.. I’m sorry, but you have no soul.