The Mist

The Mist ★★★★

Based on the Stephen King story of the same name (which I read very recently), there's a small town in America that is suddenly shrouded in this thick mist after a storm the night before. The main character, David, lives miles away from anywhere. He leaves his wife at home as he heads to the store with his son and his neighbour to pick up supplies. When they get there, the mist descends around the building and things go bump in the night.

It was adapted by Frank Darabont, so I was expecting it to be pretty good; and it was! Although it has monsters in it, and although they are impressive, it wasn't just a creature feature. The film is really about how the people in the store very quickly adapt to the situation they're in and how the try to make sense of it. Is it the will of God? The final judgement? Or is it the Arrowhead Project up north that they've heard so many rumours about? What exactly is going on!? It's very well made, and actually the story is a lot better than that of the novel it is based upon. Although it is mostly the same, there are certain things changed for the better, like Norton, the relationship between Frank and Amanda, the much better and much more satisfying ending etc. The performances from a couple of people let the film down slightly, and although the ending is better than the book, it's a little bit obvious where it's going. But still, I was surprised just how good it was.

Along with Carpenter's The Fog, it will never let you get caught in the fog again without thinking about it! Anxious about whether some tentacled dimension travelling monster will to grab your ankles from under the bus stop!

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