The Red Shoes ★★★★½

A surprise, rather than a shock!

I had no idea what to expect really. A film that I assumed was about ballet and a ballerina didn't really appeal on its own. I was sold on it by the glowing reviews this film was receiving on Letterboxd. When I saw that it was just 99p to rent on iTunes, I thought "why not?" and boy am I glad I took a punt on it!

What an amazing, beautiful, stunning film. To say it is a film about ballet would be to do it a disservice. It is about the obsession, the tragedy and the people involved. The lust for perfection and the drama that inevitably follows is just one of its many, many finer twines woven into this delicate fabric.

There is no finer dance scene you will ever see on any film than the 15 minute long "The Red Shoes" ballet scene in the middle of this film. It's atmospheric, mesmerising and enchanting. I've never seen anything quite like it.

But it's just the heart and the centre of this film. What happens before and after just illuminates it into something spectacular. I can't describe it.

I really loved this film. I cannot highly recommend this film enough. It's gorgeous.

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