The Rocketeer ★★★

Bit of a cult film, this. I can kind of understand why as it feels very pulpy and it's very stylish, but it didn't really do much for me. Cliff was annoying me a lot throughout the film and he seemed to be playing this cock-sure fearless hero character without really putting in a convincing performance. Peevee provided some light relief moments, but nothing to properly make you laugh, but Dalton was great as the villain. Jennifer Connelly was alright in it, I guess, although all she really had to do was be the attractive girlfriend.

It's weird because after 15-20 minutes, I was quite enjoying it and thought it was set up as a proper adventure story; the finding the rocket-pack the way they did was a solid basis on which to develop an exciting plot, but it waned slightly and I did get a little bored in the middle. Get's a lot better once Locke from Lost rolls the tape and shows the Nazi's plot, though. It's just a shame that the middle part really stunted any momentum. It's all well and good trying to explain the main characters' relationship to each other but the acting was kind of .. well .. terrible and the dialogue made me cringe a bit at times.

Overall, the final third was a good, decent action/adventure film, the first two thirds were a bit average. The old American style it was filmed in was well crafted and it did feel quite comic-book-like, but it didn't really have any particularly amazing stand out aspects, really.

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