The Zombie Diaries ★★★½

Not to be confused with Romero's Diary of the Dead film, but it was released at a similar time and is filmed in a similar way (ie group of people with a video camera documenting the immediate aftermath of a zombie apocalypse). But this has a much lower budget and is British, set in Hertfordshire, with 3 different groups of people. Obviously their lives/stories all intertwine.

It got a lot of stick, I seem to remember, when it first came out, but I like it. I've seen it before a few years ago and liked it then too. Was quite surprised to see such negativity surrounding it.

I think it's quite gritty, it's a decent idea executed fairly well and most of all it seems to have been made by people with a genuine interest in zombie films. There's a lot to admire, I think. It's quite tense at times (in the woods for example, or the running around in the dark with the camera only catching glimpses of things etc) and has some proper “shock” moments, which all good zombie films should have.

I mean, yes, there are obvious criticisms such as the acting, the very ordinary characters and such, but it's very dark and very underrated. One of the characters is a real horrible bastard and the guy playing him does a great job. Majority of the other characters are just naive fodder, basically. Some better than others. The story is not completely original, but it is well done and entertaining.