Zombie Flesh Eaters ★★★★

Gave it a re-watch as I couldn't really remember much about it and had recommended it to someone recently.

I still love the opening scene with the boat and the cops, it then gets a little stale for a while, but probably its 2nd most famous scene is the turning point in the film; the shark/zombie bit! The most famous, at a guess, is probably the eye gag..? Either way, it kicks the film back into life (pun intended) and from then on in it's just over-the-top levels of gore and action as they fight off the living dead.

I first saw the film on TV when it was on the Horror Channel (I think) and quite enjoyed most of it, but got a little bored. This time, I didn't. I really quite enjoyed it. The main problem was that this time, I watched it in Italian without subtitles! Didn't matter that much, I already knew the plot and, for most scenes, the dialogue is irrelevant, but I'd be lying if it didn't detract from the story not being able to understand what they were saying!! Serves me right for watching it on YouTube I guess. You can quite clearly tell what's happening anyway...

Good film, though. Probably my favourite Fulci film that I've seen, although I haven't seen a lot of them. Cat In The Brain, I'm told, is his best film..?

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