Cruella ★★★★

Criticize it all you like and the criticisms are probably fair but I loved it. It is extremely hyper-active and sharp (probably too much) but it worked perfectly for me. The heist aspects of the film were my favorite parts because I love seeing any mission in action but this was just a lot of fun. Extremely stylistic to the point of which the overload makes you feel like you are in Cruella’s mind. A few twists that work quite well for the story and add more layers too. But the best part of the film and what carries it is Emma Stone. She gave her all every moment of the movie. Her performance was infectious and shaped the tone for the film. I like that disney took this approach and I think it worked well for the most part. I have some issues but they are mostly nitpicks and honestly not worth talking about. Let’s appreciate this for what it is.

Still not better than 101 Dalmatians though.

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