Luca ★★★★

I don’t know why I ever doubted Pixar. This was real good. As you know I wasn’t really anticipating this but it definitely won me over.

The Style:
I think for this particular film, this category is necessary. This film is booming with style and creativity. Feels very distant from Pixar but honestly it work really well that way. The animation took me a few minutes to get used to but so was on board after that. And not only that I learned to love the style. The style also adds to some of the visual story-telling and humor. I was engrossed into the culture of Italyand didn’t want it to stop.

The Story:
The story is simple yet effective. It isn’t overly complex or anything it is just a simple fun story that carries some heavy themes with it. It does have quite a few cliches that I don’t like very much but doesn’t stay on them any longer than it should.

The Characters:
Not anything too special but Giullia absolutely steals the show. Probably one of my favorite Pixar supporting characters. Her determination and affability feel contagious. Each of the characters pretty much fit into exactly what their role is. Not anything too complex for each character but the characters and story are to serve the themes. (I won’t talk about the themes because it is best in the viewing experience.

This film just feels like opening up my childhood. Revisiting adventures with my friends, past experiences and mistakes I have made. I’d argue it is in the top half of Pixar’s filmography. 

I really needed a movie today and this did the job. Definitely one for a Pixar fan.

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