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  • Congo



    I don’t get the hate. I genuinely don’t. I get that they where convinced they where making the next Jurassic Park mixed with a modern Indiana Jones, and they bungled that spectacularly. But it doesn’t mean this wasn’t a silly as hell entertaining slice of pulp fiction. 

    What really works about this film is that the characters are all a bunch of massive dorks and then Ernie Hudson enters the film like a massive chad and the movie makes absolutely…

  • All Square

    All Square


    John Hyams takes a brief detour into lighter territory, with his take on the those Billy Bob Thornton movies where he's a grubby loser that befriends a kid, except this one is done pretty realistically. Imagine if John Carpenter or Walter Hill made Bad News Bears. There's no taking the 12 year old boy to whorehouses and shooting up crack, but he'll give him a beer and teach him to bet on horses.

    I suppose my grandfather did the same…

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  • Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Solo: A Star Wars Story


    Solo is the slick, entertaining and exceedingly charming lollipop Lucasfilm is giving fans after big mean The Last Jedi tore off the nostalgia band aid off Star Wars fans.

    The very concept of a Solo film for me was deathly uninteresting, it felt like Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan where pandering to a fanboy wish-list from 1992 without any real finger on the pulse of what would work today. The would be later compounded when Phil Lord and Chris Miller,…

  • Tenet



    True to Christopher Nolan form it's hard to take this movie all in on a single viewing, even if this may be the most stripped back, straight forward genre movie he's ever made. It's what a Miami Vice/Blackhat era Michael Mann making Terminator 2 would look like (With Nolan's obvious love for Bond that permeates all his other action films). A bunch of no nonsense professionals, planning and executing their jobs.

    So while the prospect of Christopher Nolan doing a…